Complete Corrosion Protection

Eck® is the only patented corrosion barrier to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion (such as steel and aluminum). 

Simply brush, dip, spray, or squeeze on Eck® during assembly. 


Eck® Corrosion Coating

All you need to protect your investments from harmful metal corrosion. 

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  • Prevents all Types of Corrosion

  • Replaces Barrier Tapes & Coated Hardware

  • Successfully Lab Tested for 4000 Hours

  • Seals Moisture out of Unwanted Areas (Petroleum-Based) – Never Dries

  • Zinc Ingredients (Sacrificial Metal)

  • Corrosion Creates Expensive Warranty Costs

  • Corrosion Shortens the Life of Equipment 

  • Corrosion Causes Safety Issues

  • Corrosion Impacts Commercial Fleet Reputation 

  • Corrosion Destroys Painted Finishes 





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