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"Eck® attacks problems. As a result of our research, we have started using Eck® any place hardware is attached. Primarily it seals out moisture that can be trapped between the mounted hardware and it acts as a barrier between dissimilar metals."               


    - Crimson Fire Apparatus 


Piano Hinges and Door Handles: Eck® should be applied to the body of the vehicle and compartment side-door where piano hinges will be assembled, covering the entire area that the hinge will be placed. Spend some extra time at each drilled hole. Assemble the hinge by pressing it up against the side-door, allowing Eck® to ooze out behind the hinge to ensure that a seal has been created to the backside of the hinge. When using Eck® with door handles, assemble the handles by pressing them up against the Eck® so that the product will ooze out from the sides. 


Moldings and Trim: Apply Eck® (spray or brush) directly onto the entire body of the wheel opening area and window trim, with extra time at each drilled hole. It should be applied onto the fastener threads that run through the aluminum body. Assemble body moldings by pressing them up against the body, allowing Eck® to ooze out from underneath the molding*. This will ensure a seal has been created. Wipe excess Eck® off after the molding is installed.


*Since moisture sits under the wheel opening molding, it is important that Eck® be applied under the molding to help repel unwanted moisture from this area.


Light Housing: Any drilled hole and hardware being used needs to be protected with Eck®. Apply it (spray or brush) onto the body of the vehicle. Application to the body should cover the entire area around the lamp housing in order to seal our moisture. Lamp housings should be pressed up against the Eck® to allow excess product to ooze out. 


Electrical Connections: Eck® is a dielectric grease that seals out moisture, preventing corrosion on electrical connections. Spray the wire connectors when assembling. As it creates a seal, it also protects the rubber gaskets on electrical connectors. It has been designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. 

Fire & Emergency Applications: Text


Corrosion in the fire truck and ambulance industry is a serious issue. Most of the fire & emergency apparatuses are manufactured out of aluminum and assembled using stainless steel hardware. Corrosion is often seen at and around door handles, roll-up doors, compartment door hinges, wheel wells, diamond plate trim, and electrical connections.

Eck® prevents the natural corrosive energy caused by dissimilar metals (aluminum & stainless steel) being fastened together. Sooner or later, these metals will always corrode. Eck® does 3 things to prevent this corrosion: seals out moisture, creates a barrier between the dissimilar metals, and absorbs the corrosive energy created by these metals, preventing the corrosion.


Most of the ambulance & fire truck manufacturers use Eck® for new builds, but you must ask because some won't include Eck®. Simply specify that Eck® must be applied between any dissimilar metals when you order or spec a new truck. A can of Eck® should be in every fire station for use when drilling holes and attaching any item on your truck. Small quantity orders can be placed right on our website or by calling us at 1-847-931-7899.

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