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Most swing sets are made of aluminum held together with stainless hardware. When assembling these sets, apply Eck® using our squeeze tubes to prevent the corrosion that will eventually destroy the unit. Yes, some playground equipment is made of wood and Eck® can also be used with those fasteners.

Consumer Applications: About
Consumer Applications: About
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Your outdoor furniture has lots of assemblies, including several moving parts. When used on the hardware, Eck® will make your investment last. Eck® can also provide lubrication for those moving parts that adjust the back positions. Our Eck® squeeze tubes would be a perfect way to provide corrosion protection and lubrication for your furniture.


When assembling BBQ grills and accessories, make sure you apply Eck® to the fasteners to prevent corrosion from moisture. Rain, snow, and ice will cause corrosion to your expensive cooking investment. Applying Eck® to the bolts, nuts, screws, and washers will give you a corrosion inhibitor.

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Assembling lawn mowers, leaf blowers, and grass trimming equipment using Eck® will protect these items from the moisture that causes corrosion, keeping your investments working longer. A small amount of Eck® applied when assembling these items is all that’s needed.

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