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Bus & RV Applications: About


Hidden corrosion is a huge problem in the bus & RV industries. Most of these vehicles look absolutely gorgeous with their composite outer skins. But what about the metal corroding underneath those outer skins? What about the fasteners holding those compartment doors? What about the bumpers and frame rails that are all made out of metal? What about safety?


Some of these vehicles include a mixture of dissimilar metals such as steel frame rails assembled to aluminum cross members and aluminum floors assembled to steel frames. Anytime you mix dissimilar metals, corrosion will always occur sooner or later. What you can't see can hurt you!


Many states and municipalities have repair centers that constantly provide corrosion repair for buses and other vehicles. Some of these use Eck® for the repair processes. As corrosion of buses and RV's is a big issue, hundreds of buses can await corrosion repairs.


If you are responsible for ordering or doing a specification for a bus purchase, make sure you call us at 1-847-931-7899 to see if your manufacturer uses Eck®.

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