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"The corrosion issue caused by these anti-ice chemicals is an industry-wide problem. We chose the Eck® coating to provide our customers with a value-added solution for corrosion prevention."

Director of Engineering, East Manufacturing

[We] "Love Eck®. It's better and faster than using Mylar tape. Eck® saves us time and money."

Product Manager, MAC Trailer Manufacturing

"Galvanic corrosion between Beryllium copper and aluminum has plagued our industry for years. we have been using your Eck® product in our Beryllium copper corrosion applications with continued success. We are grateful to have found a product that addresses this issue, slowing if not eliminating its effects."

Jim Vasser, President, Fidelity Tool & Mold

"Eck® attacks problems. As a result of our research, we have started using Eck® any place hardware is attached. Primarily it seals out moisture that can be trapped between the mounted hardware and it acts as a barrier between dissimilar metals."

Crimson Fire Apparatus

"Based on (our) data, Eck® corrosion protection coating will be applied to the welded areas of each prop shaft."

Engineering Test Report, Automotive Supplier

"After 1000 hours of exposure, the panel was taken out of the test chamber and examined. The door showed no signs of corrosion where the Eck® had been used for protection."

Seymour Paint Technical Department

"Tests (ASTM G85-A5 prohesion and ASTM B117 salt spray) have shown that the use of Eck® will significantly delay or eliminate crevice corrosion failures as well as delay the onset of corrosion when used to isolate dissimilar metals."

AKZO Nobel (Sikkens Paint)

"Have never experienced a single problem with corrosion, oxidation from dissimilar metals."

Bartlett FPD, Fire Chief

"It is without reservation that we endorse Eck®. Since we implemented Eck® into our manufacturing operation, we have not had any return of corrosion."

K. Jeffrey Morris, President, Alexis Fire Truck

"This (electrolic corrosion) has been the nemesis of our industry for years. We're pretty happy with it (Eck®) so far."

Medtec, Ambulance Manufacturer

"We have painted hundreds of fire trucks and ambulances and have never had a warranty claim for corrosion because we use Eck®."

Darrell Van Eck, Owner, Van Eck Collision and Paint

"We use a lot of Eck and it is a great product. Recently, I discovered something marvelous about Eck. It is a wonderful drill bit lubricate even on the dullest of drill bits. I drill a lot of holes on truck chassis and it works better than any cutting oil. And it does just as well on thick aluminum...Eck just made my job a lot easier."

Specialized Vehicles Manufacturer

"The Eck® spray, on the other hand, protected the surface very well. In fact, there was no visible attack at all and the surface looked exactly as it had prior to the test. It is clear that Eck® was very effective at protecting the aluminum."

United States Navy

"We are building another 2 million dollar boat and are using Eck® to prevent corrosion."

Hy-Lite Boat Manufacturing

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