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"The Corrosion issue caused by these anti-ice chemicals is an industry wide problem. We chose the Eck® coating to provide our customers with a value added solution for corrosion prevention."    


   - East Manufacturing 


Under Carriage: Eck® should be applied to all corrosion prone areas such as the crossmembers, King-Pin, frame rails, landing gear, suspension, mounted tool boxes, and support brackets. It should be applied on all flat surfaces, into all holes, and on every fastener. Each fastener should be dipped or sprayed in Eck® as to completely cover them, and Eck® should be pushed into each hole as to create a barrier between the fastener and thread. 


Electrical Connections: Eck® is a dielectric grease that seals out moisture, preventing corrosion on electrical connections. As it creates a seal, it also protects the rubber gaskets on electrical connectors. It has been designed to withstand extremely high temperatures. 

Truck & Trailer Applications: Text


While traveling down the road, have you ever noticed trucks & trailers with corrosion everywhere? The semi-trailers with rust streaks flowing down from the rear door hinges and lock rods. Eck® prevents this! Corrosion of trucks and trailers is a huge issue; some from dissimilar metals (aluminum & stainless steel) or some from the magnesium chloride (road de-icing chemicals) eating away at the trucks. Occasionally, you will even read that the suspension of a truck actually drops as a result of corrosion  – a potentially huge safety issue.


Eck® prevents this corrosion in 3 ways: it seals out moisture and road de-icing chemicals, it provides a barrier between dissimilar metals, and it absorbs natural corrosive energ with its Zinc powder and Zinc dust formula.


Eck® is used by many manufacturers of trucks and trailers. When ordering or creating a specification for a new truck or trailer, make sure you say, "truck/trailer must have Eck® corrosion coating between all assembled items."

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