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Corrosion On Your Trucks Talks

Corrosion speaks loud and clear on how successful your business is doing. Consider UPS, FedEx, and fire apparatuses, and notice what they all have in common – no corrosion. Now look at some of the other “big boys” and see the back door hinges and wheel opening areas. They all have massive, ugly corrosion issues. It’s like they are trying to say, “I don’t care how I look or how unsafe I am traveling down the highway.”

Road de-icing chemicals eat away at trailers, especially at the cross-members that support the weight of the truck. Sodium chloride (salt) is the main item used on our roads, and it's estimated that between 10-20 million tons are applied annually to roads in the U.S. Corrosion problems? You bet. Recently, I saw a semi-trailer (I won’t give away the manufacturer) that was collapsed in the middle of its frame due to corrosion. This was a 53-foot trailer, with its frame rails and mid-cross-members corroded, driving on the highway. Had this occurred at a high rate of speed, lives could have been lost. The huge traffic back-up was the least of my worries. The 53-foot semi-trailer had a corrosion issue, but could it have been prevented?

Our Eck® Corrosion Prevention Coating can delay corrosive reaction and possibly totally prevent the destruction of your trailers/trucks from road salt. The total cost for this is a mere $50.00. So, when ordering a new trailer from your favorite manufacturer, simply ask for Eck® to be applied to corrosion-prone areas such as frame rails, cross members, and wheel opening moldings. Our product is fast becoming an industry standard. Originally patented, several trailer manufacturers will apply the product during the manufacturing cycle between side rails and the body, bolted cross members, and assembled items such as landing gear. Rich in Zinc, Eck® seals out moisture and absorbs the corrosive energy that begins the corrosion. Eck® is available in quart cans, aerosol, and squeeze tubes. Many trailers, trucks, fire trucks, and ambulances are in service today with their useful life extended because Eck® was applied. If you have experienced the benefits of Eck®, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a line at

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